Social Media Marketing Exposure

The one thing that you do once you go out into social media is you’re exposed. You see all these viral videos, and you see other things that are out there, and you see haters on there commenting about ridiculous things. You get exposed. You’re gonna show the good of your business, but you’re also gonna show the other things in your business too that might not be so good. You have to expect that. Throwing it out there and having a good culture for your business internally, and knowing what the messages are that you promote internally so that you can take everything outside that’s gonna help, and they have to tie together.

What does that all mean?

The biggest thing that it means is once you go out there, once you put out videos, once you put out content, people are gonna be looking at it. They’re gonna be like, “Yeah, they say the have the best customer service, but I had to wait two days for my appointment. They say they can get you in there first thing in the morning, but they never can.” You have to make sure that those things are fixed. When you hear from your community whether it’s new clients, or past clients, or customers, once you have that information, you need a culture internally that can address those things because people love to just bitch online. Once you expose some of those things, you need to be able to fix them and it starts from in turn on that process with your company.

You could be a two-person company, or you could be a 10,000 person company, or even larger. But when you have your social media messages out there, you want to make sure it’s congruent with everybody throughout your organization. They have some buy-in with what you’re doing socially because you’re gonna expose everything in a good way. When you’re exposed in a good way, just people, some people might have had a bad experience. Even though it was fixed, they’re gonna want to get out there and they’re just complain and bitch about everything, but you also want to combat that.

If you start internally with good product, good people, good service and how you’re gonna fix some things that might popup once this marketing campaign rolls, you’re gonna be in much better shape than somebody that just goes, “Let’s just push it out there and see if we get sales, and see if this happens, or see if that happens.”  You Need to wrap our strategy around it and it all starts with buy-in from your entire team.