WIth so many brands saturating the craft beer industry, it’s important to establish your brand as the leader in the market and keep customer loyalty high. In PA alone, there are over 300 breweries competing and new breweries are popping up at an accelerated rate.

Beer fanatics don’t just expect a divine mix of citrus and bitter notes in their favorite IPA, they expect an experience when they pick up your products.

So, how can you make sure to keep your loyal customers raving about your brand?

Here are 3 points to consider for your brewery marketing strategies:

Your Customers Have More Influence Than You

Social media engagement is the most important way to keep your customers coming back for more.And more importantly: telling their friends. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook engagement is the easiest way to listen to your customers and thank them for their continued support.

People like to know the brands they support appreciate them. And seeing a comment from you on their tagged Instagram post will reinforce that relationship. Customer engagement + a great product = a perfect customer relationship. So leveraging Instagram for marketing purposes boosts traffic on Instagram brewery page.

Word of mouth in the craft beer industry will be the best thing to happen to your brand. Your customers are your unofficial brand ambassadors and with social media, they can promote your products better than any other strategy can. And, they can also diminish your credibility. It’s crucial that your products are genuine and your brand experience is personal to them.

Automated Emails Need To Have A Purpose

We’re all consumers. We all get our inbox flooded with 10 emails a day from that one company that just won’t quit. Companies will send the same emails with minor tweaks to make them look new, and consumers know this. Be better.

If you’re going to send your customers emails, make sure they serve a purpose. Make them look nice. Don’t just tell them to buy your product. You need to tell them why they should buy your product. Make sure the emails have visuals, a CTA, and keep it simple. Customers want viable information that’s beneficial at that time.

Take Your Brand Out

Breweries #1 purpose needs to be to provide their customers with a fun and tasty experience.
Marketing your beer products needs to be fun. Take your beer out into the world. Surprise people with guerilla marketing tactics. Don’t wait for prospective customers to come to you.

Beer is a low risk purchase, so customers will easily go toward a competitor if their marketing shows them they’re better. Go find them and show them why you’re the best brewery. Set up a tasting event or an impromptu contest to gain traction and make people smile. Happy people will spend their money on your merchandise.

Or, make your product into something interactive like Adidas.

Coupons and discounts will get their attention and your product will make them a fan faster than traditional advertising. Make sure you have a leave behind for them to take to reinforce that engagement after they’ve walked away.

The key successful strategy is to strive for a positive impact on people that haven’t tried your beer and keep the attention of loyal fans. Show them you care about them and that experiencing your brand will make them happy.

Bad Rhino is here to help you with more insider info on the craft beer industry marketing strategies that work.