In celebration of their first anniversary, CEO Paul Davison of Clubhouse, has announced the voice-chat app’s first creators program.

Clubhouse’s creators program, “Creator First” will help aspiring hosts and creators on the platform build their audiences, connect with brands, and most importantly, monetize their shows.

The accelerator program is taking applications through March 31st and is set to accept 20 creators.

The goal is for Clubhouse to be able to provide 20 creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life.

What do creators receive from the program?

Clubhouse said it will be providing creators with anything they need to get started, whether it’s equipment, promotional support or help with booking guests. Most importantly, Clubhouse is promising accepted creators an income of some kind.

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CEO of Clubhouse said that the platform will pair the creator with a brand sponsor. He believes it’s possible because brands are reaching out to Clubhouse for ways to get involved.

If Clubhouse can’t find a brand sponsor for a specific show, they will guarantee a basic income of $5,000 a month during the three months the creator is in the program.

This period of time could help people transition from other projects to focus on their Clubhouse show, while also allowing them time to grow their audience and form the brand relationships so that their shows can last longer term.

Clubhouse’s success has sparked several other voice-based apps from big competitors, including Twitter Spaces that was announced last year. As well as a similar voice app coming believed to be coming from Facebook.

If you want to apply to the accelerator program, click here.

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