Exclusive isn’t so exclusive anymore.

Clubhouse is ditching their invite only policy and opening their doors to everyone.

Previously, a user had to be invited to join the app by someone already inside the platform. However, now anyone can hop right into conversations.

Anyone can host an audio panel about business strategies, join in on conversations with big names, develop ideas and create friendships around the world.

Clubhouse co-founders said that the app’s invite only system allowed it to grow its community slowly, allowing them to finetune features and fix problems as they arise, as well as putting less strain on their small team. Now out of its beta version, they’re finally confident enough to throw the doors wide open.

What this means for Clubhouse

After its launch in March 2020, Clubhouse had significant interest from users, but since then it has fallen. So with the platform opening to all users, it could help their numbers.

The app’s Android release being made available worldwide in May did help their figures.

Clubhouse’s installation numbers went back up to 3.7 million in May and 7.7 million in June. But that spike seems to be temporary as well, with this month’s download numbers sinking to 1.7 million as of July 20.

The likelihood that people who want to join Clubhouse are already on it, and should increase as time goes on,  Still, those aren’t figures any app wants to see drop. Hopefully with the app opening up to more users, the platform will see another spike in numbers for engagement.

If you need help joining in on the conversations, contact the Rhinos!