Thank you to our clients for a great year!

I t’s been a long, strange year to say the least. And while the subways stopped running and the uncertainty kept rising, Bad Rhino persevered. We work with clients across all industries and every single strategy, every single budget, and every single idea had to be shifted this year.
Most businesses are trying to stay afloat and we’ve been at our clients’ side bringing them success. Our success only results in their success. And now we’re grateful to say we’ve been awarded by Clutch again

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that relies heavily on client feedback in relation to the B2B agencies they hire. This takes the B2B agencies out of it and lets the client share open feedback about the work we’ve accomplished and how they’ve seen it impact their business. 

” It is always a good thing to get an award for your work. Clutch rewards mean more as they are based solely on our Clients reviews of our work.” – Marty McDonald,  CEO & Co-Founder

We can’t thank our clients enough for the kind words they’ve said about us to Clutch when we weren’t around. It says a lot about companies when the reason you’re on top is solely for the work you strategically produce. The digital advertising industry has changed quite a bit since we opened up shop and we’ve consistently found effective ways to keep the success going

We appreciate all the feedback we get on our work and here’s one of our favorites:

Most people think that social media is something that anyone can do, but I won’t pretend to be able to do this kind of work. Bad Rhino is able to stay ahead of the curve, and even create the curve. They go all the way with marketing, keeping us alive.” – Owner, Split Rail Tavern

Thank you to all our clients for the support and choosing the Rhinos and we can’t wait to see another year bringing success to our clients. Contact the Bad Rhino team if you’re looking for an agency that turns your goals into real results.