Marty McDonald was recently a Guest on the Discover Your Talent podcast

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Social Media in Your Career Plan

Job hunting and career moves in 2016 are no longer about a simple resume and references. Prospective employers and headhunters are looking for a well-rounded picture of their prospects, including how they interact and network with people. Today, career strategies must include your online footprint. “There are a lot of things you can do on social media to make yourself known in your industry. And there are a lot of things you want to avoid, as well,” explains social media/marketing expert and experienced headhunter, Marty McDonald.

Why Is This Important?

Although career networking on social media is like face-to-face networking in many ways, some things are distinctive and vitally important online. Especially on, a person’s profile is crucial. Using keywords best suited to your strategy will spell the difference between your name at the top of search results or buried amid hundreds of other search hits. “Investing a couple hundred dollars to optimize your LinkedIn profile could be worth its weight in gold.”

What Are the Key Lessons Learned Here?

A wise strategy for using social media can vastly improve your likelihood for success in your career planning, but it’s crucial to be alert to potential pitfalls. Just as there is an etiquette for in-person networking, there are community norms and expectations on social media as well, which you ignore at your own peril.