Facebook Ad Creative

As marketers, we have all been in the following situation: Your client wants you to run perfect Facebook ads but they don’t have or they’re taking too long to send graphics or videos for you to use. Next thing you know, you have just a few days to get the ad running and you still haven’t received what you need for the ad.

In this blog, we’re sharing an easier, and quite possibly more effective method for ad creative — User-Generated Content.

First off, What is Ad Creative?

They are simply the image or video seen in your ads. The image or video that you use, is almost always what draws the attention of your audience. So with that, it is imperative that your creative is intriguing and visually aesthetic, otherwise your target audience might scroll right on past your ad!

So that brings us to the challenge that we all face. What happens if you have a limited bank of images and videos to utilize for creative? You start to tap into your customers.

What is User-Generated Content

For those that don’t know, User-Generated content are images and video about your brand and products that’s posted by followers of your business. According to John Loomer, Facebook has begun favoring User-Generated Content over Brand-Generated Content.

Finding User-Generated Brand Content

Here are a few ways you can locate User-Generated Content for your creative ads:

  • Search for mentions of your social usernames or the brand hashtags that you know your audience uses.  You should be able to find pictures or videos from customers who have “checked in” or shared something related to your brand.
  • Look through your public reviews
  • Post social content with a call-to-action to comment with a picture. These are great for quick contests as well.

Another bonus of the above is that you can include this User-Generated Content in your social content strategy along with your ads.

Adding User-Generated Content into Ads

Depending on what you find, the images and videos from your audience can be used for promoted/sponsored posts, carrousel ads, and traffic/conversion ads. When possible, give credit to your audience with a call out like the following: ” credit: @username”

If you have any questions about your social media content or ad strategy, feel free to contact us here!