Facebook announced that it will be rolling out a new layout feature on its app.

This new feature comes after most users got access to formatting tools in the middle of last year, which can be accessed once you add multiple images to your post.

The feature allows users to chose from an array of frames and formats to present their photos with a fresh take.

A user can find this at the bottom of the composer tools when they chose to create a post within the Facebook app. The rollout of this feature has not made it too everyone’s screens and not all users have access yet. So there is a chance you might not see the layout option.

Photo by Social Media Today.

Facebook has been testing out variable multiple image display formats for a few years now. The format options provides different ways to display multiple pictures in an interesting way.

The layout options will allow users to create more engaging posts that will cause friends to stop scrolling and interact with their post without the heavy editing skills.

While these layouts are not designed for brand use, they can provide a means to spice up promotional posts on Pages, with colorful frames and alternate framing.

There is no telling that this feature will become overused and fade out pretty quickly. Facebook has also not said when this feature will reach everyone’s screens.

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