Saved Replies

Aiming to improve the online customer service experience, Facebook is testing a “Saved Replies” feature that could soon be utilized by all business pages. The feature would save business owners time by allowing them to simply write and save a response that they frequently send out to customers, as opposed to having to type out a new reply each time.

To clarify, Facebook is NOT allowing pages to auto-reply to customers in a robotic sense. Rather, “Saved Replies” will serve as a template of sorts for frequently asked questions, plus pages will have the opportunity to choose an already-populated response such as “How can I help you?” to get the conversation started.

This feature is slowly rolling out to pages, as is the usual process. Per TechCrunch, “Saved Replies appears to be in limited testing right now, as one of the businesses with access to the option tells us that they were not informed by Facebook of the feature’s launch. Instead, when they opened up an email to craft a reply to a custom, the option just appeared.” 

Expect many small business owners to benefit greatly from this new feature once it is fully rolled out.

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