According to Mashable, Facebook debuted their latest feature on Monday October 3rd for iOS and Android apps called “Marketplace”. This new feature added a tab at the bottom of the newsfeed that allows Facebook users to buy and sell items right from the app. This feature has been in the works since 2007.

Facebook’s new Marketplace feature is simple. Here’s how it works: you search for an item using keywords or categories. Once you find an item you like, you then direct message the seller. You may also tap on to their public profile to be sure the person and what they are selling is legitimate. Selling is simple too, all you have to do is post a picture, add some description, and hit the “sell” button.


“Were facilitating the connection between the buyer and seller, and they can figure out how to do the transaction themselves” said Mary Ku, the director of Project Management at Facebook. As you can see, this is Facebook’s version of Craigslist because they are only facilitating a connection between the buyer and the seller. The two individuals must figure out how to do the transaction themselves, as opposed to other buy and sell platforms like eBay and Etsy where they facilitate transactions via credit card and PayPal.

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