Picture this: You’re hanging out with your friends at home when you decide to check Facebook. As you scroll through your news feed, you come across the most hysterical video you’ve ever seen. When the group asks you what you’re laughing at, what do you do? Tell your friends to gather around your phone so they can see for themselves, only to have them complain that they can’t get a good view? Not any more! Thanks to Facebook’s new feature, you can stream videos to your TV so that the whole room can join in on the laughter.

According to Mashable, Facebook announced on Thursday that Iphone users can play video content on their television using Chromecast or Apple TV. If you are on team Andriod, Facebook promises that this feature will be available to you soon. To stream, all viewers have to do is click the TV icon on the Facebook App or website. One major benefit of this feature? You can keep scrolling through your feed while the video plays, thanks to a picture-in-picture feature available on the app. Thanks, Facebook!