Facebook to Test Removing Like Count Facebook plans to roll out a new way their users experience the platform by making like, reaction, and video view counts private. Facebook started hiding likes on posts in Australia September 27th and will see if the feedback shows an improvement in people’s experiences. If this plan succeeds in Australia, it could expand to more countries and eventually roll out to everyone, but there are no further texts scheduled at this time.

With the removal of the number of likes, users will still see the Like button and a preview of names of people who’ve liked the post, and the comment counts will still be displayed. There are mixed feelings about this new feature on Facebook. Some people are thankful that this will limit insecurities of not getting many likes and comments, but social media influencers see this causing a potential decrease in engagement, which could affect the way they make money. This plan could help some Facebook users feel less insecure, but how will this affect the way business pages engage with their audience?

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