Facebook just launched Events, a standalone app to help navigate Facebook Events more easily. Facebook Events is a great way for the social media network to help you keep track of the important dates in your life. We often lose track of the events that we’ll “ maybe” attend and we might even lose track of the event all together, reports Mashable.

Unlike the Messenger app when Facebook requires them to download Messenger, Facebook isn’t requiring users of the network’s Events feature to download the events App. Like Facebook Groups, it’s for users who prefer to manage Events in an app dedicated to all of their dates.

Once you open the app, “you can quickly catch up on events your friends are interested in, recently announced events, by the Pages you like, and updates from events you’re already connected to,” according to Facebook. The events app also allows you to search for events you may interested in based on time and location.

The app’s main purpose is to help the user keep better track of the events that they’ve responded to by adding them to an in-app calendar that you can sync with their other apps. Mashable reports, Everything you do on the app will be added to Facebook and visible so your friends are able to see all the events that you’re interested in or attending.

The app is now available on Apple’s App store and will be coming to Android in the near future.