Most growing businesses don’t know or understand what really goes into digital marketing, much less the process it takes to find profitable ads then scaling it. In the next few minutes I’m going to explain our process that we use to find a winning ad.

Let me preface that saying this is under the assumption you already know your target market/ideal customer, have done all the market research to reach the intended audience and have a landing page that is already generating leads.

That said, here’s our approach!

Phase I: A/B Test Ads

Example Ads Split Test to Determine Top 2-3 Ads

Launch 20-30 ads with the exact same image. Initially we are just testing the response rates from the text written in the ad. How well does the market receive our message? We don’t prejudge these at all, marketing is all about letting hard data (aka the market) tell you what’s working and what isn’t. Through the process of elimination, we should have 2-3 ads that are fairly similar in terms of results.

We will push a minimum of 100 clicks through each ad. We do this so the algorithms (like Facebook and Google) are given ample time to work and deliver the right traffic to our offer page.

Once we have our top 2-3 ads it’s time to move on to…

Phase II: A/B Test Images

We take our top 2-3 ads and test them with about 10 different images so we have a total of 20-30 ads running. We repeat the process as done in the previous step only this time we are testing the images. We’ll track and monitor the results until a minimum of 100 clicks have gone through each ad.

Phase III: Scaling

By now we should have a winning ad. If you’re not happy with the results, you’ll need to go back through Phase I and/or Phase II again to continue testing new images or ad-copy. We never move on to Phase III until our clients are happy with the results, some happen faster than others. It all depends on your ideal customer.

Scaling is where the fun usually starts because you’ve proven the concept that your ads and sales process are profitable.

This final step is where we ramp up your budget while maintaining a positive ROI and gets exciting to watch your business grow. That said, there are lots of things that can happen so don’t get all “mumbly-jumbly” and go jumping from tree to tree. There are lots of things that can happen along the way.

There’s a deep thought process that goes into writing an ad that generates a profit. The angles, the emotion, the strategy that goes behind it to support it and having a tracking system in place to prove what works and what doesn’t.

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