Connoisseur – the very word seems to imply a sophisticated collector, but in today’s day and age, the modern day connoisseur collects knowledge and shares it with their followers and fans. The newest connoisseur is one that shares their knowledge via social media sites and provides their followers with interesting content that they might not see otherwise. There are lots of ways to be a new-age connoisseur, let’s go over how to move from just a passerby to an active participant in today’s world.

  • It’s something you feel passionately about: Make sure the content you find and intend to share or give your opinion on is something you’re interested in. If you have no feelings towards it (be it a positive or a negative feeling), then don’t post about it. The worst thing you can be as a connoisseur is indifferent. Even a strong opinion in a negative light will be more respected than a wishy-washy opinion.  CJ Pony Parts is a company who does this extremely well with their YouTube Channel.  As a national mustang parts retailer, CJ Pony promotes each products year model parts by doing fan showcases of their cars remodels.  To a mustang hobbyist, you can be positive that the content is going to bring you to the forefront as an authority.
  • You’re inspired: If you feel inspired after reading a certain blog or news story, then chances are your followers will be too. Share what you love, let others see what you enjoy. This will give your followers and fans a better idea about your personality and interests, which will make you more interesting in the long run.
  • Don’t get lost: Sometimes, you might like the idea of a post, but the overall message gets lost in it. Don’t share something just because you think you should. If a post confuses you, then don’t get the rest of your followers confused too. Stick to stories that make sense to you and have a clear beginning and end.
  • Have an opinion: To be a connoisseur, you need to also have opinions. Make sure you comment on different stories and posts across the Internet. Allow users to become familiar with you as a commenter and someone with valid opinions that are respected. You’re only as good as your word, make sure those words count and matter.  Sometimes having an opinion can be controversial, but it makes for the best social discussion and can draw a lot to your brand to establish its authority.  Clarity Way Rehab is a Pennsylvania rehab facility that has taken many controversial stances on health care and drug rehabilitation.  But it’s paid off, getting them featured spots in Fast Company, Gizmodo, Popular Science and
  • Stay current: If you’re going to comment on a current event or social issues, then do it fast. News is only news for a short amount of time. The longer you wait to formulate a comprehensive opinion, the more time you’re wasting and losing on that topic. People don’t want to read yesterday’s topics. To stay on top of current events, make sure you’re following tons of media outlets on Twitter and Facebook, and of course, there’s still the newspaper and news websites to keep you on your toes.

Being a social connoisseur is a lot harder than you might expect. It takes more than just sharing a few articles with your friends on Facebook. It’s about getting out there and getting underneath the big issues. Like a journalist goes within the story, you must do the same. Tweet at story authors, engage your audience with meaningful questions and make the most out of the news of the day. Most importantly, make sure your opinions and posts are beneficial to your readers and followers. Don’t waste their time if you have nothing important to say.