Golf courses and country clubs aim to attract as many members as possible. So, what are some ways to improve attendance and attract visitors?  When marketing your golf course here are 6 things to include in your golf course marketing plan:

1. Loyalty Rewards Club

Members and non-members will frequent your golf club. It’s easy to forget about existing clients when trying to balance customer retention with new business. However, members will likely outnumber non-members at your golf club. Making existing members feel special increases long-term loyalty.

Therefore, consider implementing a loyalty program that rewards members for frequent visits. Rewards might include rounds of golf, complimentary drinks, or visitor tickets. This is a terrific method to introduce new golfers to your club. On the other hand, instead of a regular loyalty program, you could give rewards to people who refer friends to your club.

2. Tailoring Your Marketing Efforts

You probably have a general notion if the folks walking through your doors are members or not. However, it is also helpful to dig further. Therefore, you might ask what the ages and distances of your clients are. Knowing your members’ lifestyles helps you to better meet their needs. For example, older members may be retired and can play longer games without rushing. Younger members may prefer a 90-minute game due to their busy schedules.

On the other hand, if most golf course visitors are local, you may need to increase your marketing. If you have many out-of-town visitors, they may be one-time visitors who need to be persuaded to return. Therefore, a cheaper membership tier for once-a-month visitors may entice them to spend more money with you.

Golf Course Marketing Plans
Golf Course Marketing Plans

3. Email Marketing Program

Email marketing can entice people to visit your golf club, but first, you need their email addresses. Offering anything in exchange for information is one way to do this. If your customers get something free, they’ll be more receptive.

Ask non-members if they want a complimentary birthday round of golf. This is usually enough to collect their information. If your visitor is willing to be a contact, send a custom thank-you email for their visit. Being cordial and using the person’s name conveys interest and builds loyalty.

Post information about forthcoming activities or specials. Additionally, make these discounts exclusive to email subscribers. As a result, your existing members are likely to sign up for these offers, making consumer targeting easier.

4. Great Website Marketing

It’s important to develop a website for your golf club so potential clients know you exist. Potential customers naturally research firms online. Prices, opening times, and services are regularly sought for, thus having them in one place is important.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep your website fresh in people’s thoughts by adding basic business information. Additionally, having a blog on your website can help. Entertaining content with golf fans in mind shows readers that you know your business. Well-written posts will encourage individuals to revisit your site as well as make them more likely to consider playing your golf course.

5. Use of Social Media

Few golf courses are successfully using social media to sell their business. However, the benefits are immense for doing so. You may use this format, like email marketing, to promote special events on social media. Perhaps you’ll have a flexible dress code or drink promotions to attract new customers. You can easily share them and reach a wide audience.

However, make sure that you regularly maintain social media pages if you create them. Not doing so appears unprofessional.

6. Create Your Own Golf Course App

Create a Golf Course App to streamline customer interactions. Simply choose a template, and your website and social media sites will be dragged in, retaining your branding. From here, you may deal with business queries in real-time while on the road. In addition, you may offer loyalty programs, discounts, and more to entice guests to your golf club. Further, you may use push alerts to promote special offers to nearby app users.

Using an app can also allow your customers to make their own appointments, freeing you up to focus on your guests.


New golf course marketing technologies and business ideas are coming out every day, so these ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg. In order to keep your business image fresh in the coming years, you may want to keep researching marketing tactics and trying new ideas.