Although golf is a tradition-based sport, your golf course marketing plan should be forward thinking. If you’re having trouble attracting new members, selling products, filling tee sheets, holding events, or filling tournaments, you may need to revisit your golf marketing plan.

Golf Course Marketing Strategies
Golf Course Marketing Strategies

Golf Course Marketing – Getting Up-to-Date

Unfortunately, the golf industry has not really kept up with the times when it comes to marketing. Many golf courses haven’t paid enough attention to social media, online advertising and website optimization.

Golf course ads appear in magazines, radio, newspapers, television, and direct mail letters on a regular basis. However, where can you find the best golf marketing strategies for the web? Here, we’ll go over three of the top marketing tactics that the best and most up-to-date golf courses employ.

Social Media & Networking

A quick Facebook search for the terms “golf course” or “golf club” reveals how few golf courses are actually using this marketing tool. Facebook, in particular, is ideal for golf course marketing.

First, you can quickly establish a passionate following for your golf course on Facebook with a little effort and imagination. Second, once your website is up and running, you can keep your fans current on anything you want. For instance, you can fill any cancellations in seconds or showcase your corporate event skills. Furthermore, you can conduct interest surveys, promote tournaments, and so much more.

However, do you want to know the best part? Marketing for your golf course is entirely free once you have a Facebook page and a following!

Golf Course Advertising Online

Let’s be honest. The golf industry has a lot of competition. Nearly every major city in North America has 20-50 golf courses close by where you may play a round. Therefore, many golf courses struggle to be seen or heard. Despite this, only a small percentage of golf courses use web advertising to promote themselves.

Traditional marketing media such as magazines, newspapers, and television are costly and ineffective. Instead, the best courses are using LinkedIn advertising to find new corporate clients. In addition, they are using Facebook ads to fill their Men’s Opens. These channels allow them to target exactly who they want to reach, and on a shoestring budget!

Golf Course Website Optimization

Consumers are increasingly using online methods to find golf courses. Therefore, are you doing to enhance your website? Is it professional looking? Is it possible to view it on a mobile device? In addition, does it give your customers the information they require? Finally, is it easy to locate?

If you can’t confidently answer all of these questions, it’s time to upgrade your golf course website. The method that the best courses use to give their clients an optimal golf web experience is to update their website to be a professional, easy-to-use, and strategic design that their course staff updates regularly.

Additionally, working on some basic search engine optimization tactics and link building helps them stand out from the crowd. Further, don’t forget to integrate your social media platforms with your website. This helps to make the customer experience the best it can be.