COVID-19 has turned businesses upside down and in most places, we are still waiting for the green light to let company owners resume their business. Golf courses are no different.

Our world has been changed forever, but the demand for golf is the same and this presents unique marketing opportunities.

How Is The Golf Industry Changing?

Since COVID arrived in our lives, we’ve been living differently. A lot of businesses have seen a negative impact, but for most golf courses the lights have stayed on.

Speaking in terms of social distancing guidelines and government mandates, most golf courses have operated within these guidelines based on the nature of the game. However, certain things are probably changing on your favorite course.

Marketing Opportunities

Social Media & SEO Campaign

Shift your course’s tone and show members they can escape to their favorite course again. Show users the progress you’ve made to ensure their safety. Send out social graphics on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to inform them of new rules and incentives for coming back.

An SEO campaign is a great way to boost your company up on Google. Search traffic for terms such as “golf course near me” and “golf course open” are increasing by the day. People are ready to get back out onto a course and you want it to be yours. 

Targeted Mailing

With content being flooded on user’s phones currently, sending your members something in the mail that lets them know you’re open will be a game changer. Make sure your CTA brings them to your site or social media channels for updates on the new rules. 

Text Messaging

Utilizing a text message feature for members will create a sense of urgency to get them back on the course. Including CTAs in the messages will bring customers directly to your social channels or website to get more information on when and how they can spend the day at your course. Advertise current offers or simply use a keyword to incentivize users to win a free game. SMS marketing strategies will get you into contact with the customers that are ready to get back to your course. 

Discounts and Incentives

Incentivize life-long golfers to get back out on the course while practicing social distancing in our new era as a country. Incentives can include a contest at the course each day for the golfer with the best mask and giving them a free dinner or coupon.

Lower Your Fees

To get patrons back at your course, it may be helpful to lower fees for their first month back. Most people are living in a financial crisis, so letting your customers know they are missed and you want them back will show them you care.

Promote Course Features

While many policies and guidelines are changing, it’s important to focus on the positive experience you can still bring them. Focus on that. Let customers know what they can do (and how it’s safe) to turn the negative setbacks of your course into why they should show up.

These are six strategies you can focus on to get up and running again. It’s an important time to use evolved marketing strategies during these unprecedented times because your patrons have had to evolve their life too. The point is, there’s many great ways to get people back on your course.

Bad Rhino is here to help you create the right marketing to reach patrons in a COVID-19 world. 

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