Website: Post Planner Article: Here’s How to Double Your Twitter Followers in 5 Minutes a Day

Ever wonder how some people have tons of Twitter followers but you don’t?  Here are some helpful tips for doubling your number of followers.

1. Perfect Your Profile

The first key to your profile is an awesome profile picture.  A close-up of your face is the best. It is also best to gather information or ideas from other accounts and make them into your own. Your profile should be a huge reason why people should follow you.

2. Tweet More

No one wants to follow an account who tweets once every few days.  People want to follow accounts that post on a daily basis.  If you tweet more, more people will find out about your tweets.  Retweeting and favoriting are the quickest way to gain new followers.

3. Use Your Connections

To gain more followers it is best to use the relationships you have already built.  If you keep a strong relationship with them they will most likely be able to get you more followers.  It is a chain reaction.

4. Keep Followers Engaged

Make sure you keep your followers involved.  The more you interact with them the more they will retweet.  It is also a must have that you tweet to your followers interest.  That is a key way to keep them engaged with you on Twitter.  Don’t just post tweets.  Add some pictures or cool facts too.

5. Promote Your Twitter Account

Have your Twitter profile linked with your other social media accounts.  If you have a business card, your Twitter handle should be on there. You should be promoting yourself and your brand.  It is the best way for people to stay involved.