Social media is one of the most promising and effective channels of communication for businesses across all industries. LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the best way to attract the right customer at the right time. LinkedIn company pages allow you to establish your presence and achieve results. Members interact with LinkedIn company pages over 1.5 billion times per month. Once you’ve created your business page, it’s now time to grow it. Below are a variety of ways you can use to grow your LinkedIn business page. 

Craft Creative Content on Linkedin Company Page 

The content you post on your LinkedIn business page should be compelling and creative. Research content that is trending with your target audience and base some of your content off of that. Make sure that the content you’re creating is relevant to your industry. The content that you post on there shouldn’t be overly promotional and should provide value to readers. 

Get Employees Involved

Encouraging your employees to get involved in different LinkedIn groups is a great way to increase your brand’s presence and improve your company’s page following. Below are a few ways to engage your employees with your business page.

  •     Notify your employees of your most important page posts to boost organic reach
  •     Recognize team moments or employees with a personalized shout-out from your Page
  •     Re-share your employees’ best mentions and LinkedIn content
  •     Have select employees invite their network to the page manually

Use Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags are a valuable tool for search. Hashtags are used across social media platforms to categorize content, so you can search and find content that you are interested in and so businesses and brands can reach larger audiences of people who may be interested in their content. One rule is to not go overboard with them, use around 3-5 per post. Using relevant hashtags can help you reach new, relevant communities with your content.

Post Content to your Company Page regularly  

Keeping a steady flow of fresh content on your Page will give it more visibility on your follower’s feeds. You can post at a variety of different times to track your content performance for engagement, reach, clicks and shares to maximize your content marketing efforts and achieve the best results for your LinkedIn goals. Below is a summary of the Sprout Social findings for the best times to post on LinkedIn.


Add a Follow Button to your Website 

LinkedIn offers companies a widget that can be embedded on their website. This simple addition can help turn your website visitors into business page followers. Embedding your LinkedIn business page on your website or blog posts can help increase traffic to your page, and ultimately create brand consistency across platforms. 

The advantages of a great LinkedIn Page with a large and engaged following are countless. No matter where your Page currently stands, there are always opportunities for further growth and expansion.

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