Never underestimate the power of a good email. Email marketing may seem like a thing of the past with all of the social media platforms we have now, but that is not the case. Email marketing has remained an effective way to covert both repeat and new customers to sales and revenue. However, to convert those emails into dollar signs, you must have a successful email marketing strategy. To improve your email marketing, check out these five tips below.


Personalize the Email to each Recipient


We all receive promotional emails every single day, and how many of those go straight to the trash before you even open them? Most of us do this because we know that the email is promotional and probably just a blast that the business sends to hundreds of recipients. However, if you personalize the beginning of your email or even personalize the subject line, the recipient will be much more likely to open and at least begin to read through it. A simple, “Hi, John Doe! We have some sweaters that may just what you’re looking for!” can go a long way. It makes the recipient feel that the email was customized for them and their preferences and encourages them to at least read through the email to see what it has to say.


Test Multiple Deployment Times

Don’t just assume everyone has a 9-to-5 job and is checking their emails all day long. Experiment with sending out your emails at different times of the day to see which times perform best. Send out an email to half of your recipients early in the morning, and the other half later in the evening for a starting off point. After analyzing, you can narrow down the times even more by sending some emails at 6 p.m. and others 9 p.m. Everyone on your email list is going to have a different daily schedule, so there is never going to be a perfect time, but you can determine a time of day that tends to perform best.


Ensure that your Email is Mobile Friendly

We all know the frustrating feeling when something doesn’t appear properly on our phones. When that happens, most of us probably either give up on what we were trying to do altogether or get even more frustrated when we have to go onto our laptops to complete the task. Well, the same goes for opening emails. Nowadays, most consumers check their emails on their smartphone, not a computer. So, ensure that your emails are mobile friendly, meaning that everything is visible and formatted correctly when opened on a smartphone. If you’re unsure of how to make your emails mobile friendly, check out this blog for tips and tricks.


Write Clear and Concise Subject Lines

Subject lines are a crucial part of your email marketing strategy. They are the first thing that the customer sees, and either encourages them to keep reading or to send your email to their trash bin. Your subject lines need to be short, usually 50 characters or less, to avoid the risk of it being cut off. In addition, emails with subject lines that include a sense of urgency tend to perform well. For example, think about including phrases like, “Last Chance!” or “Sale ends TONIGHT” in your subject line when applicable.

Monitor and Adjust

You will need to frequently monitor and adjust your email marketing strategies. What works in one email may not work in another. You will have to test a variety of subject lines, images, CTAs, and more to determine what’s working and what’s not. You’ll want to analyze certain statistics, such as open rates, clicks, and more. It will take some time to create a strong email marketing strategy, but it will end up impacting your business in a positive direction.


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