Having an online presence is now crucial for your business to be successful. When I say, “online presence”, the first things that may come to mind are Instagram, Facebook, or your business’ website. However, don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social network that allows users to connect with potential employers, search for jobs, and more. LinkedIn is powerful social platform that allows businesses to build credibility, connect with businesses and people in the workforce, and more. You may already have a LinkedIn business profile but may not be maximizing its full potential. Check out some of the tips and tricks below to improve your LinkedIn business profile.


Use Visual Media

One of the easiest ways to improve your LinkedIn page is to add visuals to your profile. As technology becomes more advanced, we are slowly transitioning from text-only communication to an almost completely visual communication method. As LinkedIn is a more professional platform, images and videos on your page can easily capture users’ attention. So next time you plan to post, try adding a photo or an infographic to help get your message across.


Share your Company Culturelinkedin

LinkedIn is a professional network, so it is the perfect platform to interact with your employees and talk about your day-to-day office life. Sharing your company culture can help give your LinkedIn profile a personality and give users the opportunity to see the faces behind your business. Also, it will help you build authenticity and more personal relationships with your employees and users on LinkedIn. To improve LinkedIn business profile, try sharing posts highlighting different employees and their accomplishments or ways you keep your employees excited about coming into work.


Engage with other Accounts

It’s a two-way street. Don’t expect engagement from other LinkedIn users if you’re not engaging with others. Engaging with users and other business demonstrate that your page is authentic and not just run by a robot. It does not take much time to answer polls, like, and comment, but a little bit of effort goes a long way. In addition, try posting your own engaging content so that others can return the favor!


Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share their experiences, thoughts, and build connections with one another. They can be a great asset for you to expand your network and organically grow your LinkedIn business profile. Use the search feature on LinkedIn, as shown below, to join groups that are related to your business, and you can always encourage your employees to do the same as well on their personal LinkedIn accounts. The key to these LinkedIn groups is to act like a human and not focus on making sales in these groups. Share any personal experiences, offer advice, or give feedback to others in the group. The focus is to build relationships with others in these LinkedIn groups, and then the sales and revenue for your business will follow.

linkedin business profile

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