The point of social media for all is to interact with one another, build relationships, and to communicate through photos, videos, and text. For businesses, the point of social media to do all the above while also promoting their products or services. Facebook and Instagram may first come to mind when thinking of social media, but do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media network that allows you to connect and build relationships with individual users, groups, and other businesses. However, to build those relationships, you must have strong engagement on the platform.


Why is LinkedIn Engagement Important?

LinkedIn Engagement is simply when you give and receive likes, comments, messages, shares, etc. When others engage with your LinkedIn page, it helps you better…

  • Reach your Audience
  • Promote your Company
  • Achieve your Business Goals

In other words, when others interact with your posts and profile on LinkedIn, it makes it much more visible to others as well. Increasing your engagement on LinkedIn can lead to many more connections and lead you to potential clients or customers.


Tips to Improve LinkedIn Engagement

Optimize Your Profile

No one is going to want to interact with a LinkedIn Business Page that looks incomplete or inactive. One of the first things potential customers may see is your LinkedIn profile, so be sure it is optimized! Be sure to fill choose a professional profile picture, thoroughly complete the about section of your profile, and keep everything accurate and up to date.


Post Consistently

If you haven’t posted on your LinkedIn page in weeks or months, odds are users who view your profile are going to assume your inactive on the platform. To increase LinkedIn engagement, you want to ensure that you are posting regularly and have an active presence. Posting consistently encourages existing followers to view your profile more often and leads to your profile being more visible to users that are unfamiliar with your page. On LinkedIn, most businesses tend to post blogs, polls, “behind the scenes” images, work of their employees, etc.


Respond to all Engagement

No one wants to feel like they’re being ignored! When people comment on your posts, try to always respond to them! It doesn’t need to be anything extreme, but a quick “Thanks for the comment!” or “That’s a great point! We’ll look into that.” can go a long way. Responding to comments is a great way to build connections and start discussions with others. In addition, when users see numerous comments on a post, they will feel more comfortable adding to the discussion and engaging with your page.


Ask Questions LinkedIn

Some users are not going to feel the need to engage with your page unless you are directly asking a question. It’s usually easy to include some type of question at the end of your posts. For example, ask your followers which part of your post was most useful or if they learned something interesting. Another way to increase engagement is to create a poll for users to answer. It’s helpful to include a CTA at the end of your post as well to encourage users to interact with the post, such as “Comment below!” or “Let us know what you think in the comments!”.


Reach Out to Others

It takes two to tango, and it takes two to engage on LinkedIn! Don’t expect to receive a lot of engagement on your page if you’re not engaging with others on the platform. LinkedIn is a great platform to reach out to other businesses or users through LinkedIn groups, search, and more. When people notice that you are interacting and engaging with the content on their page, they will most likely return the favor.


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