There is money to be made using Facebook advertising, and I’m going to prove it to you. Here’s a quick video showing how we’ve seen early success with an advertising budget to sell apparel for one of our clients.

I’ll outline exactly what we did and some tips for you below the video.

How To Make Money with Facebook Ads — Client Case Study

Step 1: Create an Image That is Sized Correctly and Catches the Attention of your Market

This is where most people fail. The perfect sizing for most Facebook ads are 1200X627.  If your image isn’t perfect, that’s OK, you can crop it out using Facebook adjust tool.  We suggest using Canva and their templates for your Facebook ads, especially for the sizing. Include pictures of your product or something else that’s going to stick out in Facebook.  We decided to use pictures of four different hats for this image.

Blind Squirrel Apparel

Step 2: Create Ad Copy That Resonates With Your Market & Include a bitly Link

You should know what your audience wants to hear.  This text can be and should be pretty simple, but stay true to your brand’s voice and style.  For good measure, you can include a bitly link in your copy to give your audience another place to click. Clicks = good.

Blind Squirrel

Step 3: Decide on Your Targeting & Test

Most people do this first, but I like to see how the ad is going to look before I choose targeting.  If a particular image and copy would do best for only the audience of my client, then I’ll set up the ad to only go to people who like the page.  That’s what we did in this example. We wanted these hats to have instant brand recognition, so only those who already “like” Blind Squirrel on Facebook would see this ad.  If this was more of a brand story telling image, then we’d most likely choose targeting to be those who do not “like” the page. Make sure to set up the age, interests, and any other demographic that’s important to your ad.

Step 4:  Monitor, Adjust, and Check for Engagement and Clicks

Most Facebook Ads you set up won’t be perfect.  The cost per click, or cost per follower will be higher than you want.  You may need to tweak up your targeting to see what happens. You might also find that your ads are gaining comments. This is a great example to engage (sell) to these social media leads.

FB success design

This particular ad has already sold 5 hats for $13.99.  That’s approximately $150 in sales for $13.99 spent.    

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