Whether your brand is selling custom t-shirts or expensive tuxedos and dresses, promoting your clothing on social media is essential to a successful business. You accomplished the hardest part, creating the actual clothing and brand name. However, an additional obstacle is right around the corner, marketing your brand to your target audience. Promoting your clothing brand on social media properly may lead to improved relationships with your customers, higher visibility and popularity among your target audience, and increased sales. Learn about some easy ways to better promote your clothing brand on social media below.



Take Advantage of the In-App Shop Features

The truth is people are lazy and don’t feel like opening multiple tabs when trying to purchase a product or service. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, allow customers to purchase your products without ever leaving the app. If a consumer comes across one of your clothing brands posts, Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping allows them to browse, save, and purchase products without ever leaving Facebook or Instagram.

However, keep in mind that Facebook Shops and Instagram shopping is designed to be on mobile devices, so ensure that your website and shop is optimized for mobile usage.


Share Reviews and Testimonials

When you receive reviews and feedback from your customers, don’t just keep them to yourself! Sharing your reviews and testimonials with other potential customers builds a new level of trust and authenticity with your brand. It demonstrates that real customers have purchased and enjoyed your clothing. Instead of waiting for customers to look for reviews, share them on your feed and stories to get ahead of the game. Canva and other websites offer numerous templates that you can customize with your clothing brand’s colors and logos like the examples shown below.



clothing brand

UGC, or user-generated content, is another great marketing opportunity that many clothing brands or other businesses tend to overlook. UGC is any media that has been created by consumers and customers, not by the brand themselves. It takes your clothing brand’s authenticity and legitimacy to the next level. When consumers see an image of an everyday person wearing your clothes, it builds trust and influences consumers’ purchase decisions in a positive direction.

To obtain UGC, most businesses tend to create custom hashtags or ask consumers to tag them in their posts, so it consolidates all their UGC content into one place. If you’re struggling to attain UGC for your clothing brand, another great way to increase engagement and receive high-quality UGC is to offer giveaways. You can promote that the customer with the best UGC image will receive a free, new, and trending clothing item or accessory. Just like that, you should receive much more engagement on your page while also obtaining numerous UGC media to use on your page.


Create Style Guides in Saved Stories on your Profile

Not every customer of yours may be a fashionista like you. They may love some of your clothing items but are unsure of how to include it in their own daily wardrobe. Instagram Stories and Story Highlights are a great place for your clothing brand to promote complete styles and outfits rather than a single item. Instagram Story Highlights remain on your profile permanently, so it could be a great place to categorize some of your products, such as your fall collection, most popular items, perfect clothing pairings, and more. The opportunities are endless on what you can promote with your stories, so be sure to take advantage!

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