It’s important to focus customer life cycle model when you look at your success as a brand. A traditional sales funnel looks at customers between the moment they see a product and when they make a purchase. What’s more interesting is what happens after consumers make a purchase.

What You Need To Know About Customer Life Cycle:

The customer life cycle model measures the consumer before, during, and after a purchase. This model helps businesses gain insight into long-term customer relationships, repeat purchases, and continuous engagement with the brand.

The life cycle is cyclical and includes:

  • Awareness
  • Knowledge 
  • Consideration
  • Selections
  • Buying
  • Satisfaction
  • Retention & Loyalty
  • Advocacy

The easiest way to get purchasers in the retention and loyalty stages is to integrate customer service at the points. Here’s how to do it.

How To Integrate Customer Service at Key Stages:

1. Make sure the sale is bulletproof and easy to navigate

The experience in-store or online when shopping is a key point in customer service. Whether a potential buyer has messaged the chat bot on your site or messaged you on Facebook, someone needs to be at their disposal helping them decide on what product best suits them.

2. Re-Engage customers

So, they’ve made their purchase, it came in the mail, and they’ve shared that experience on your social media channels. It’s imperative that you engage and re-engage with your customers. Check in on their purchase. Do they like it? Are they getting the most out of your product? Ask them how it’s going and you can find room to help and positively reinforce your brand.

3. Make the customer feel valued 

Even if you have 50,000 customers buying your product, you need measures in place to make every single one of them feel special and included. UGC is a great way to showcase your appreciation for your customers.

4. Recommend specific products

If someone has just liked your Facebook page and they’re commenting on your posts, ask them questions. Make a recommendation on a product that fits with their lifestyle, job, taste, etc. Unique recommendations will reinforce that positive interaction and lead them on to the loyalty stage after purchase.

Customer service is a crucial part of any business in any industry. Make your brand available to potential customers and to loyal fans of the brand. When customers trust you, they will give your their information and you will be able to leverage that data to keep the life cycle wheel turning.

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