Any business that puts time, effort, and money into creating compelling content understands the importance of getting exposure for their company. As much as we would like for our followers (and non-follwers) to view everything that was posted on social media, chances are they could be missing some of the action. This is why setting up targeted posts on Facebook is so important.

Why Use Targeted Posts

The best way to ensure you are seeing a high number of relevant engagement or reach is to target your audience through promoted posts. Not every post needs to have an ad spend behind it and not every post should. But there are certain posts that have the opportunity to help reach certain business goals that contribute to your overall growth IF they reach your target audience. For example, posts that can:

  • Increase foot or website traffic
  • Create awareness
  • Contribute to sales


Eagle Eye Ticket Management, who are global brokers of sporting event tickets, specialize in obtaining hard to get tickets to sold out events. As their social media partners, our goal is to push ticket sales on their social channels.


Bad Rhino’s strategy to help Eagle Eye Ticket gain exposure and push ticket sales is to set up specific targeted posts, specifically in the Philadelphia region. After the Eagles won the Super Bowl last year, hype for this year’s season is at an all time high. We’re able to reach Eagles fans with targeted posts, driving engagement and interest in tickets for games.





How to set up Targeted Posts

When you target a post, you’re putting an ad budget behind it and setting specific parameters so a specific audience can be reached. Some parameters that can be used are:

  • Age
  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Likes/Interest
  • Behavior









These targeted posts will show up on your audience’s timeline as a “sponsored” post, pushing more exposure to what matters most to you. Those who view your content will have the option of engaging via a like, comment, and/or a click to the website.  The more your followers engage with your promoted posts, they better chance they have of seeing your future content, organically, and becoming a loyal brand ambassador.


To learn more about targeted posts, or to develop a strategy for your business, contact Bad Rhino today!