How to Top Off Your Brewery Marketing with Social Media Content

In a world centered around social media, it’s hard to ignore. It’s where people go to get information, see what their friends are doing, and overall just spend free time. If used correctly, social media can be an impressive tool to grow the following of your brewery.

What are your choices? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat! Take a look at how many people actively use these platforms DAILY.
Daily Users
Facebook- 1.4 billion Instagram- 500 million Twitter- 330 million Snapchat- 178 million

It’s time to create a little buzz.

First of all you need to be authentic. Your craft beer audience can spot a phony and you don’t want to come across that way. Social Media is the perfect place to share your story and tell everyone exactly who you are. This requires some planning to tell a cohesive story across the different platforms without being considered “noise” in posting the exact same thing on every single channel that you are a part of.

To plan your social media out there’s a lot more to know than just posting. Each platform has different recommended pixel size that you should also keep in mind. There are also many different tools to help create content such as Canva and Adobe Suite. You can find a complete social media content production guide here! This provides you with graphic sizes, tools to use, and information on all types of content you can use to promote your brewery!

Specific graphic sizes aren’t the only guidelines these social media platforms have. Facebook has a 20% text rule to take note of! Center your content on the image and less on the words that are on the picture!
Not only can you create your own content but you can also use user-generated content for higher engagement on posts! The brewery industry is community-driven and you want to make sure your voice is heard and you make a good impression. Interacting is powerful, especially when you are tagged. Engage. Engage. Engage.

Facebook is the perfect place to share brewery events and news. You can offer special tastings or limited releases just for your fans and followers to build loyalty. There are truly so many ways to use these social media tools to gain attention for your brewery!

With well taken pictures and community engagement, there’s so stopping your content from telling your brewery story. Just make sure to mention 21+!