Do you know what’s awesome?  Videos are awesome.  Because of this scientifically proven statement, I decided to try out a screen capture “how to” video.  Surprisingly, I don’t hate my voice as much as I thought I would, so you should absolutely expect many more video segments coming in the future.

For today’s video, I’m going through a real example of how I completely crushed (in a good way) my ROI.  Along with my work at Bad Rhino Social Media, I’m also the man behind Corn on the Job, a leading blog and community for job seekers. The video shows you a real example of how I boosted resume review sales on Facebook.

What you will find in the video:

  • How to set up a Facebook Offer Post
  • How to track post views
  • How to set up an individual post promotion advertisement
  • How to kick ass and boost sales through Facebook


Have you used the Facebook Offer option yet?  What are some ways that you can start incorporating this and the individual post promotion option into your business?