We wanted to pop in with a quick blog post to show how we’ve had recent success driving ticket sales on social media. This specific client example walks you through the steps we took to help our client close the sale of Philadelphia Eagles Season Tickets, a high priced item. As you’ll soon see, the ROI from this sale is extremely eye-opening and one that we can now replicate with the following process.

Step 1: Social Post Creation

While there’s nothing fancy about the post above, we want to stress a few very simple points about this social post:

  • Recognizable Image: The image is sized perfectly, stretches throughout the timeline, and is easily recognized by Eagles fans
  • Post Timed Perfectly: Bad Rhino scheduled this post to go live at 1PM EST on a Sunday. This is exactly when most Eagles games start. This does a little to play in the heads of fans and get them thinking of the season
  • Simple Caption with Link:  Don’t crush your audience with paragraphs of text. A simple line or two with an easy-to-find link is all you need sometimes to drive just the right amount of traffic


Step 2: Facebook Ad Set Up 

For this ad, Bad Rhino went with a simple promoted post, targeted to Eagles fans. When we started, this was meant to be a test, so our ad spend was set at only $25. Our goal was to use this post and ad to drive engagement, traffic, and interest. Here are a few important things to note about the ad:

  • Ad Spend of $25: This lead to 219 post engagements (clicks, shares, comments) and 2,302 people reached
  • Location Targeting: While Eagles fans are everywhere, we focused on mostly the tri-state area
  • Keywords: We used two major Eagles interest pages: Fly, Eagles, Fly and the official Facebook page of the Philadelphia Eagles




Step 3: Facebook Private Message Received

Shortly after Facebook approved the promoted post, we received a private message from someone who was interested in season tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles. Given this extremely high-priced season ticket sale, our client wished to speak to the customer directly as we facilitate the online conversation.


Step 4: Client Confirms the Conversation and Sale

Below is the email chain with our client, which shows us sharing the exact questions from the Facebook private message. Our client confirms that they have completed the transaction in the email contact to us.  


ROI from the $25 Promoted POst

Cost of the Ad: $25

Customer Purchase of 2 Eagles Season Tickets: $5,000 (estimated)

Investment Gain: $4,975

ROI: 19,900%


We’re the first to tell any client that we won’t expect this kind of result from a $25 test, but this is proof that it does happen, especially  when everything hits the mark. Here’s what we did right in this campaign:

  • Perfect post, image, and copy
  • Ad targeting hit the right audience
  • Quick communication and escalation to the client before the lead goes elsewhere

If you think you could benefit from a complete social media strategy, we’d love to hear from you!  Reach out to our team now and let’s see if Bad Rhino is a fit for you! Contact us by clicking here!