Hi everyone! I’m Paul and I am thrilled to be a part of the Bad Rhino team as the new digital marketing specialist. I am a recent graduate from Immaculata University in Malvern, PA which is just a short distance from my home in West Chester. At IU, I majored in Digital Communications and received a minor in Film History. I have a deep interest in digital media and I’m so excited to start my career with this great company.

I absolutely love living in West Chester. I’ve been here almost my whole life and I continue to enjoy the culture in town with all of the restaurants, stores, and other fun places to go. I feel lucky that I am able to continue to stay here as I work with Bad Rhino.

I think that my interest in digital marketing stems from making YouTube videos with my friends in grade school and through high school. Granted, our videos were never too good, but we would always enjoy the creation process and seeing how many views we could get (usually less than 20). At Immaculata, Digital Communications was the perfect balance between creativity and business strategy in the world of social media and it has now led me to this amazing position I am in now!

Lastly, here are some hobbies of mine! I played basketball at Immaculata and that continues to be my main hobby as I play in rec-leagues around the West Chester area and do a little bit of training on the side. I love film and television, my favorite movie at the moment is ‘Into The Wild’ and my favorite show is ‘Peaky Blinders’. And finally, I’m a glutton for punishment as I am a HUGE Sixers fan and have an unreasonable amount of hope for them each season only to be left in despair. #TTP

Once again, I’m so excited to be starting my career with Bad Rhino and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!