Facebook was founded in 2004, but is still one of the biggest social media platforms with over 2.9 billion active users. Businesses continue to utilize Facebook to grow brand awareness and showcase their products or services. However, just posting on Facebook occasionally will not help your business thrive in the social media world. Optimizing your Facebook Business Page can be difficult, but these four tips can help.

Complete your Intro and About Section

Facebook Business Page Optimization

Your business’ about section on your Facebook page is the first look into who you are and what your business does. It contains all the basic information about your business that users can look at when they first find your profile.

The about section for your business should include…

  • A short description of the company and products or services you provide
  • Address to your store location
  • Website
  • Links to other social media platforms
  • Store Hours


You’ll want to ensure that your business’ about section stays accurate and aligns with the information on your website and other social platforms.


Choose a Good Cover Photo and Profile Image

Your cover photo and profile image are one of the first items users will see when coming across your profile. A business’ profile image should be a clear, recognizable logo that aligns with your brand. It is best practice to avoid any small text within the profile image, as it becomes blurry and unreadable within the small dimensions of the profile image.

Your cover image is another visual aspect of your Facebook Business Page that should be an extension of your brand. It can be a simple graphic with text, a lifestyle image of your business or employees, or an image that helps show the products or services your business provides. It is best practice to ensure you are using appropriate sizing and occasionally update the image to give your profile a fresh look.


Remain Consistent with your Posting Frequency

Consistency is key. Your business’ services and products are consistent, so your Facebook page should be consistent as well! As a business, you want to build trust and credibility with your customers, which you can do on social media by posting consistently. The average business usually posts 3-4 times per week on Facebook. It is smart practice to create content categories, so that you know what type of content to post each week.

Depending on your business, content categories may include…

  • Testimonials and Customer Reviews
  • Product Spotlights
  • Completed Jobs
  • Sale or Event Information
  • User-Generated Content
  • And More!


Monitor and Respond to Comments and Reviews

In addition to posting consistently, monitoring and responding to comments and reviews is crucial in building trust with your customers. Even simply liking a user’s comment on your post goes a long way in developing relationships with your customers. Responding to comments and questions on your posts encourages others to engage with the page and demonstrates that your business cares about what your customers have to say.

The review tab of your Facebook Business Page is another important section to monitor. You’ll want to thank users for their positive reviews and take appropriate action to address the negative reviews. Recently, spam reviews have been coming in on many Facebook Business Pages. Reporting the review as spam can help, but does not guarantee that you won’t receive another spam review . If you tend to receive more spam reviews than actual reviews, it is best practice to turn reviews off altogether.



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