How social media managers feel immediately after posting content they think will do well.



Listen to any social media manager talk about the current state of Facebook and they’ll tell you that it’s largely a pay to play environment and that organic reach is donezo.

Content may still be king, but advertising is his queen.

Social Media Managers have settled on the fact that the content they work hard to produce just won’t be seen without an advertising budget behind those posts.  Unfortunately, it’s just the world we live in now… but on the other hand, those with an ad budget can get ahead of competitors.

While the last paragraph isn’t all that positive, I’m here today to bring a little cheer and remind you that it’s not all bad in the world of Facebook reach.  Every social media manager will tell you that there’s always that one post that completely shocked them and took off, even without an ad budget.  I’m here to share one of mine today.

About the post:  Stinger Golf makes tees and other performance items for Golfers.  We found this GIF of a kid missing his put and then throwing an adorable tantrum.

kid golf

Important Note #1:  The organic reach of 32,894 clearly overpowers the paid audience of 966.

Important Note #2: For whatever reason, our original request to advertise this post for $5 was denied by Facebook. It was later accepted when we tried again.  Silly Facebook review bots.

More Stats About this Post

Screenshot 2016-06-10 11.33.52

Important Note #3: This post’s high numbers were clearly driven by the shares (277).  That lead to some good interaction on this post, but most of the secondary engagement numbers came because of those shares.

Important Note #4:  Most of the reactions and comments happened off of Stinger Golf’s page on it’s members shares.  This was great for our client’s page reach and helped us gain a new audience and community members.

The Lesson Here: While you can’t count on it, be prepared for any of your posts to take off and go “viral” (god we hate that word).  You’ll need to be ready to review what went right and then handle the incoming traffic to the page.  Pay attention to what worked and then try again…then try again…then try it one more time.  If the same post concept doesn’t work again after 3 more attempts, then you can consider this a fluke.  If it works again, then it’s time to add this to your on-going content calendar.