Coupons for Social Media

Part 1 of this series on Social Media Coupons for Restaurants talked about why you should use them and how to deliver the coupons to your audience. This blog post today will talk about how the right content will drive more coupon claims.


Remember how in our content series we talked about how keeping your social media content open ended will lead to more comments? Well, we’re going to show you a trick today for coupons that lead to comments AND coupon claims.

Step 1- Don’t Just Post a Link to the Coupon: Be more creative and personal.  Just posting the link will get clicks, but you won’t know who is clicking until they come in.  Try asking your social media audience if they want the coupon and give them a word or phrase to say in the comments if they want one.

Social Media Coupon See what we did there?  It’s now very personal and each person feels as if they will be getting their own unique coupon.  30 Comments is strong.

Step 2 – Watch and Scan for Customer Comments:  Who would have thought that customer’s want something for free.  But remember, you’re capturing their email and boosting their loyalty.

Social Media Coupons

Oh, how pretty.  One of our client’s ambassadors started tagging friends and making sure they saw this sweet deal.  

Step 3 – Respond to each Customer Individually with a Link to the Coupon: They will feel as if they’re your restaurant’s best friend.  Make sure to tag them in the comment.

Social Media Coupon for Restaurants

Time to sit back and enjoy seeing your loyal or first time customer come again and again….and again.

Closing Thoughts

Social Media coupons should’t be overused.  Make sure you pick a deal that makes sense for your restaurant and ensure you pick the right delivery system and content strategy for your individual audience.

Need help boosting your social audience and delivering social coupons?  Let’s talk.