We’re all staying home. We’re all washing our hands.

We’re bored out of our minds in quarantine, spending more time than ever staring down at our phones and screens.

If this was a tweet, I’d go ahead and shut down for the night with a smile on my face, as the line in bold above makes the entire point of this blog. However, you’re stuck with me here for a bit longer. Consider me your self-isolation buddy for the next few minutes or so.

In just a couple weeks, this is what COVID-19 has temporarily (for how long, we don’t know) destroyed:

  • Conferences and in-person events — Dead
  • Handshakes and face-to-face — Dead
  • In-house estimates and tours — Dead
  • Breathing the same air as your customer/client — Dead

While everyone is hurting in some way, possibly the most devastated by COVID-19 are small businesses who have continuously failed to develop a digital marketing strategy and a social media community. It’s much easier to pivot in times like these when you have open communication channels and available data, which is what digital and social provides. This isn’t to say that businesses with strong digital and social strategies are in the clear, but they’ll find it’s easier to communicate and educate their audience on what happens next.

Traffic is Up During COVID-19

For who knows how long, people are at home, hopefully doing their best to social distance. Whether it’s out of boredom, needing a laugh, wanting an update on news, researching an idea for their kids home-schooling, or even fear…people are looking to their screens more than ever.  Web traffic is up. How will you capitalize?

Verizon sees almost 20% increase in web traffic in one week due to COVID-19

As people scroll through their newsfeed, they SHOULD be finding your COVID-19 update. While folks are researching news on Twitter, they SHOULD be learning about your new Virtual Appointments setup, how curb-side pickup works at your restaurant, or what new operation procedure you’ve put into place.


Small Business Digital Media Ideas During COVID-19

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing more retail ads than ever before pop up in my newsfeed. I’m also taking advantage of curb-side pick up from restaurants and no contact delivery options from DoorDash, Uber Eats and other services.  Folks are finding a way to pivot and those who do will come out stronger than ever both during this age of COVID-19 and also when we all poke our heads out of rabbit holes to go back into the world.

This is what I want small businesses owners to focus on immediately:

Go Live on Social

People want to see your face and they want to know you’re okay, especially your most loyal customers. Set up a weekly live video on Facebook, Instagram, or even Linkedin.

  • If you have an online store, grab a few products and talk about each one. Answer those questions live and set up a promo code during your live session.
  • If you’re a restaurant or eatery, set up a live feed of the chef getting meals ready for curb side pick up.
  • Set up a Q/A to talk about what you’re doing to make customers lives easier.

Start with a weekly Live session and add more as needed.

Set up a Virtual Appointment or Virtual Tour Systems

One of our clients builds custom closets for their customers. They rely on in-home visits to plan the project and create estimates. They’ve been able to pivot by setting up a virtual appointment portal. Similar businesses can do the same. Those in real estate (home sales or leasing) can look at setting up more virtual tours.

Update Your Website

For those that haven’t built up a social following, update your website immediately.

  • Add a COVID-19 FAQ page for continuous updates, hours of operation, contact info, etc.
  • Make sure you have a contact form to not only communicate with customers, but also to collect customer information to be used during and after COVID-19.
  • Update ecommerce with information and process changes to help facilitate new delivery or curb-side pickup protocol


Push More Organic and Paid Social Content

The eyeballs are there for the taking and your competitors are either doubling down on content or laying low. We know that traffic is increasing and while conversions may be lower for you, it’s also time to build up your retargeting audience. The more people who view your content, click your links, and engage with your social posts, the larger audience you have to retarget to your ads during and after COVID-19.

Keep your company and products top of mind. People WILL need you now, soon, or later. 


This is Your Window of Opportunity

For the businesses who have already built strong social media audiences and digital, now is the time to push and pivot and communicate now more than ever.

For the businesses who have failed in the digital world, now is the time to get moving fast. Starting now and communicating virtually with even just a handful of customers is much better than losing touch with all of them.

What you choose to do now in digital can not only carry you through COVID-19, but it may also set you up as a powerhouse when we make it on the other side.

Stay safe…wash your hands….and contact Bad Rhino if you want to chat. We’re here for you, friends!