Snapchat has announced it will be extending it’s time limit for advertisements. Those looking to advertise on the picture sharing platform can now feature three minute longs ads. Before, the cap on advertisements was just 10 seconds.

The announcement is a considerable move for Snapchat. Before, those looking to advertise on the app were limited. Advertisements on the app are sporadically placed throughout a user’s experience.  The 10 second advertisements feature the option for users to swipe up to see the advertisement in full or be directed to the advertiser’s website. Users also have the option to swipe away from the advertisement and return watching stories. The GIF below shows an example of what an advertisement looks like to a Snapchat user and what they would see if they chose to swipe up.



With the new length limit, Snapchat’s 203 million users should not notice too much of a change in their user experience. The longer 180 second advertisements will also be skippable. This change for Snapchat will open the doors for longer content and increased user engagement.

If you have any questions on how Snapchat advertisements could be integrated into your social media plan, feel free to contact us!