Snapchat surprised everyone by opening a legitimate storefront in New York City for their product, Spectacles. The company has been putting the wearable camera on sale in pop-up vending machines across the West Coast and now they finally made it to the East Coast opening at 5 East 59th Street near the corner of 5th Ave, right next to the Apple Store.

The store is all white and contains a sole Bot vending machine as well as rotating TVs mounted on the walls showing off the 360-degree video that Spectacles can take, reports The Verge.

If you’re not familiar with Snapchat Spectacles, they are simply glasses that connect to your phone (and to Snapchat) and record snippets of video in a circular format. Each pair of glasses costs $129.95 and are limited to two per customer at the store. The glasses are reported to be well-made and just fun to use.