Social Media Analytics

Without performing at least a very basic look into Social Media Analytics, it’s impossible to know how well your strategy is performing. Companies spend a great deal time, money and resources on developing social content for their channels, and all of those efforts can be a waste of time if you’re not analyzing on the backend. This blog will explain a few of the very simple metrics you should be reviewing: Engagement, Reach, and Impressions.

Understanding these metrics will allow you to know which pieces of content resonates with your audience and if they actually “like” what you’re publishing on your social channels.  Once you analyze your reach, impressions, and engagement you can start to make the necessary changes to your content strategy.

While each channel offers a wide variety of analytics to look at, these are the three specific metrics any business can observe when checking on the health of their social media.


Reach is the number of people who saw your content on social media. This is not just limited to your followers, but to anyone who saw your posts. This can be extremely important for any business looking to see where traffic is coming from, and how many people are actually seeing their content.

There are two ways you can determine your reach, and that’s by organic reach (content seen without any ad spend promoting the posts) and paid paid reach (content that is boosted to target a specific audience).

It’s important to know that most (if not all) social channels use an algorithmic method to display content. That means that your audience’s behavior determines what content they actually see, which can ultimately impact your reach.


Impressions is the number of times your post has been seen, regardless if a link was clicked or not. Impressions will usually always be greater than your reach because the same person could be seeing your post/ad more than once, and will dramatically increase if your audience “shares” your post with their followers.

Impressions can be extremely important metric for businesses who rely heavily on brand awareness and promotions. While a lot of “likes” and “comment” are appreciated, impressions can truly determine how many people are actually seeing your content.

Social Media Engagement

Engagements are when people perform actions on your content, whether it be that they like, comment, and/or share your posts. This is an important metric to dig into to as it can let you know how popular your content is and how well is it performing. With this information you can determine how to move forward with your content strategy and ad spend.

Also, through social media engagement you get an insight as to what people are saying about your product and brand. You then have the ability to interact directly with your audience members to show appreciation and answer any questions. Users will see this one-on-one interaction, and think more positively about your business.

Of course the world of social media analytics is a lot bigger than what was shared in this blog. But in order to get a deeper understanding of that data, you have to understand the basics.

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