Slice Communications turned Social Media Day Philadelphia into a virtual space for professionals in the digital marketing sphere to engage in meaningful discussions about the latest 2020 trends. The event was filled with impactful advice from marketing industry experts and young professionals in the digital marketing world.

Social media marketing professionals shared extraordinary ideas and tips about keeping a brand’s message impactful and successful.

Here are some of our favorite ideas of Social Media Day Philadelphia 2020.

Repurpose Old Content

James Gregson is the head of the Social Studio, an internal division of the Lego Agency. Gregson kicked off the discussion with the feeling that all creatives feel: the panic to create new and engaging content.

“A bad habit to have if you work in social media is you feel the need to create brand new content. Shifting something old into new context can be more beneficial.”  – James Gregson, Lego

When we repurpose content we are building a change management culture that is comfortable adapting to disruptions that is critical for long term success. 



What Is Nobody Doing?

Weinberg expressed that focusing on what’s not changing and what nobody else is doing is the right space to think in. In terms of long term success, your business or social media goals need to be balancing short term activation and long term branding.

“Marketers always ask: How is marketing going to change? What is everyone else doing? These are the wrong questions to ask. What isn’t going to change? What is nobody doing? That’s more important.”– Peter Weinberg, LinkedIn B2B Institute

When brands focus on what’s working for them and makes a plan to keep it working, that will bring them long term success as opposed to short term activation based on trends they are seeing.


Transformational Creativity And The Social Revolution

McCormick & Company’s VP of Creative, Alia Kemet stopped by the conference to talk about how to implement transformational creativity in the social revolution.  Kemet defines transformational creativity as a creative idea that’s rooted in a cultural moment. 

“Stay connected with the culture and tone of the world while connecting your brand. Be empathetic. Care about people and show that through your branding. Be supportive, not a salesman.” – Alia Kemet, McCormick & Company

When you put your brand out into the world, it’s wise to attach it to the culture that’s changing from one moment to another and your brand’s messaging should align with that. If you can do that, people will connect deeper with your brand compared to your competitors.


Brand Mindfulness

Social Media Day Philadelphia 2020 ended with an inspirational talk about brand mindfulness and how to adapt to change quickly. Brandi Boatner of IBM inspired marketing professionals by tying in the uncertainty we feel as people with how it relates to brands. 

“What can we do during these times to progress your brand’s survival even when mistakes come along. Re-imagine it. Remix it  Don’t dwell on the mistake with judgement. Just try again with non-reactive awareness.” – Brandi Boatner, IBM

Brand mindfulness helps to develop a culture of preparedness and resilience–just like all of us are doing personally. When brands reset their recovery strategies and learn new ways to communicate through their brand, they will see continued success even in hard times.

Our team at Bad Rhino is ready to implement these ideas shared in this year and we can’t wait for Social Media Day Philadelphia 2021. Contact our team to start a social media project today.