Social Media Nightmare

We recently learned about a terrifying example of what happens when a restaurant is careless with their social media marketing.  While the story is quick, it’s quite awful, so we apologize for future sleep lost.

A restaurant (that will go unnamed) shared with us what can happen when an employee manages and creates content for social media channels.  Like many businesses, the social media keys were handed over to someone who had been with them for a while.  This trusted employee was also a performer and host for popular events held at the venue, events that brought in mega bucks.

We all know what turnover is like in the restaurant industry, so you can guess where the story is headed.

When a conflict between the owners and employee inevitably arose, the employee looked elsewhere.  Once landing a new opportunity, they utilized their former employer’s  social media community to post about taking their shows to their new location and venue.  This performer drew quite a loyal crowd, many who followed them to the new venue and restaurant.

They lost thousands of dollars.  They lost to a competitor.  It was probably a bit (or a lot) embarrassing.

This is a true social media horror story for restaurants.

Lesson Learned: Be sure you can trust who holds the keys to your online community.  If it’s not a professional social media agency like Bad Rhino, ensure it’s someone who won’t ever be malicious towards you or your business.