Social Media Survival Guide: Small Business

Bad Rhino’s Social Media Survival Guide

In today’s day in age, social media is not an option for businesses to have anymore, it is a necessary aspect they must invest in. Many people think running social accounts is an easy job until they have to do it. As a small business owner, it can be extremely difficult keeping up with your social accounts, given the amount of time and attention they require. It would be nice to have a Social Media Survival Guide, right?

We know that without proper tools or education, social media can be high maintenance and time consuming. We also know how hectic running your small business is.  So, to take some weight off your shoulders, we created a simple social media survival guide with 7 essential tips and tricks to master your small business’s social media.

1. Find which platform(s) work best for your company

First, you need to consider your audience: what platforms are they on, and where are they active? Once you find where your audience is located, then you need to consider how to use these platforms to benefit your company.

If you’re aiming to reach a larger, more mature crowd of people, Facebook is where you want to be. If you’re looking to reach a younger demographic, Twitter is probably the better option. And, if you’re looking to post pictures, then you’ll do great incorporating Instagram into your strategy. One thing to keep in mind is that the demographics on channels are always changing. Also, the ability to target your demographic with paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram means you’re able to get your message to whoever needs to be reached.

You may want to conduct your own research on each platform to find out where your audience is active and if your content will be appropriate on that specific platform.

2. Invest in social media tools

Tools like Hootsuite, Onlypult, and Sprout Social are some of the many apps that will help with scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing your content 10 times easier. Some of these tools may cost you, but they are extremely beneficial to your company and your own personal time.

3. Schedule now, engage later

Getting your content scheduled for the week (or month) gives you more time to spend listening to your customers, participating in your audience’s conversations, and handling any customer inquiries.

4. Get your audience involved

Ask them questions, hold contests, promote testimonials, or start a #hashtag trend your customers can use when talking about your brand. Involving your audience will not only bring awareness to your name, but it will also build new and existing customer relationships.

5. Take advantage of advertisements

Advertisements are an awesome way to gain exposure to your page. Many different platforms have the paid social ad option, but running an ad on your most successful page would be the most beneficial in reaching who you are targeting. Running ads on social media is an amazing opportunity to reach a large, completely customizable audience of your choosing.

If you’re ready to start social ads and reach your clients and customers, click here to get started with Bad Rhino.

6. Measure your analytics

This is important. If you want to see how company social channels are growing and improving, and how your website traffic is increasing because of social media, then you need to run analytics reports. These reports will give you an insight into which of your posts were the most successful, the type of content that resonates best with your audience, and so much more. You will also be able to gain a better understanding of who your audience is- from their gender, age, interests, etc., making it even easier to target new potential customers.

Sprout Social (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), Facebook Insights (Facebook), Twitter Analytics (Twitter) and iconosquare (Instagram) are just some of the many tools out there you can take advantage of if you want to dig deeper into the logistics of your social accounts.

7. Have fun

Above all, have fun! Social media is an awesome and creative way to get a message out about your brand, interact with your customers, and build your desired audience.

Did you enjoy our Social Media Survival Guide?  Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook.