Social Selling can be viewed negatively. It might make us think that businesses use social only to get us to buy. It sounds manipulative, self-serving and anti-social.  Businesses aren’t on social just to make friends and have fun. That’s the reality and of course we know that. They want to gain loyal customers and entice people to buy from them. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is when the business makes their activity on social all about them and not about their followers and customers.

Social Selling is using social to attract, meet, converse with and help your prospective customers and then taking it offline when they’re ready to go further with your company.

Instead of focusing on the term and what it means, let’s take a look at what happens on social that leads to the conversion.


There has to be a reason for people to come to your social sites. Attraction is the honey that draws them in. It’s up to you to have a solid presence, clear focus and solutions that will appeal to the people your business can help. Making sure you’re discoverable is important, but that’s not enough. You have to put action behind your promises to be the solution they need.  Actively seek out these people, and draw them to you with a trail of honey that’s combined with personal interaction.


Once you’ve peaked someone’s interest, you can move on to the introduction. This goes beyond introducing them to your company and its products/services. Introduce them to your specific culture and community. Basically you’re saying: “This is who we are and this is our community. We’d like you join us.” Knowing your company is only part of the picture. You want them to become a member of the group that forms your customers and fans. Those are the people that will ultimately speak for your company and what it offers.


The real conversation begins once people join your community. Your part is to be present, answer concerns and/or questions and facilitate community interaction. You also want to be providing content in various forms that will be beneficial and encourage community conversation. Be watchful and let your community speak for you. When a new member is showing real interest in your offerings, then it’s time for you to approach them with a solution tailored to their needs. You already laid the groundwork and this is the time to offer to talk to them offline.

Put the priority on the relationship and quality content that meets needs and interests and you won’t have to worry about the desired sale or buy-in.  Maybe we need to come up with a new term, or just call it selling, since social is simply an avenue that is used.

What do you think?