So by now you should know that your company should be on Twitter. If not, call me. I’ll explain it to you again.

The next step is making sure twitter is actually working for you. Getting your audience to engage with your tweets is key. You want people paying attention to what you’re saying. Retweets, favorites, and replies to your tweets are what will get your information in front of more eyes.

So how do you do that?

Well, you need to create tweets that are engaging and will spark that activity. Here are a couple things to focus on when creating tweets for your brand.

1. Use shortened links.

Statistics show that shorter links get more tweets. This is most likely not due to the length of the link, but rather to the fact that a shortened link allows you to include more text within that tweet. Bitly, HootSuite, and Buffer are just a few of the many sites that offer you the ability to shorten links.

*Side note: most of these link shortening sites also offer accounts so you can track clicks to those links.

2. Include A Command or Question and Answer/Call-to-Action.

Use a short question to peak interest. Then provide a call-to-action for your audience to find the answer. For example: “Need financial advice? Get the latest here!”

If you decide not to start with a question, I recommend leading with a sort of command. Something like “Listen to this” or “Read This” or “Learn” or even “Critical” or “Must Read”. These short phrases can help grab attention in a fast-moving, cluttered twitter feed.

3. Include the Source.

If you’re sharing someone else’s content, make sure to include their twitter handle. This helps in a few ways. First off, its just polite to give credit. Secondly, including something like “via @enimultimedia” (or whomever you’ve gotten the content from) also gets your tweet in front of that person’s audience as well. Thirdly, crediting the original source is likely to get you a retweet or favorite from their account.

4. Hashtag Like A Pro

Pay attention to what is trending and utilize those hashtags. Now, I’m not saying to just hashtag everything trending. Use hashtags relevant to the content you are providing.

You might not always be able to include all of these, but try to utilize at least one in every tweet. To help you visual learners, here’s an example of 3 of these focal points in action:

Example Tweet