While the use of infographics on the web seems to have exploded in 2010, they are, by no means, a new phenomenon. One of the earliest instances of the usage of an infographic dates back to 1858, in a report entitled, “Mortality of the British Army”, created by Florence Nightingale. They’ve been in use ever since, and are quite a common way of conveying information.

The evolution of the Internet has made the use of infographics more popular than ever. Easily shareable information dominates the web, and infographics fit perfectly within the realm of shareable content. They are visually appealing, their formats are easily viewed and they make data and information easier to digest.

Considering that 65% off us are visual learners and that probably a grave majority of us skim through most articles, a faster, prettier and easier way to consume information on the Internet can become popular pretty quickly.

So what makes a good infographic and how do you make yours stand out? Well we’ve got 5 ideas that we think will help you make an awesome graphic that people will want to view and share.

Keep Text Minimal

The point of an infographic is to essentially convert words and data into visual and graphical representations. Pictures and lots of text together just create an annoyance.

Some use of text will be necessary, of course, but make sure graphics are visually appealing and that they truly drive home your points. This infographic by Clarity Way is a great example.

Animate Your Info

Your infographic doesn’t have to be static. Animated infographics are gaining ground with help from software like Adobe Edge Animate CC.

This particular animated instructional infographic by Animagraffs is so good it’ll make you think you’ve got a fighting chance to learn the Moonwalk. Admittedly, I tried and failed. But the infographic remains awesome.

Make It Pretty

Infographics should be visually appealing. Advancement of graphics software, browser capabilities and access to other resources mean that people expect well-designed content.

Infogr.am and Batchgeo.com can help you create amazing infographics.

Poorly designed content can cost you your credibility. Even good information presented in an unattractive way will turn off most viewers. In fact, here’s an infographic about how bad infographics can potentially ruin your business.

Maintain Your Credibility

The best infographics are not only visually stunning, but also rely on real facts and sources. Good infographics draw a solid connection between the visuals and the data being represented. There’s shouldn’t be any logical fallacies. You should assume that your audience is smart enough to fact and reference check.

Make Sharing Simple

After you’ve spent time researching solid information and designing killer graphics, you want as many people to see your infographic as possible. While the length of the infographic won’t matter much in terms of sharing, the width will. There is currently no standard for infographic sizes, but you probably want to design your graphic within 600 pixels to make it easily viewable from different browsers and email platforms.

Also include all the sharing and embedding links for use across all social media channels, blogs and websites.

Use these five tips to create a beautiful, standout infographic that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. And make sure you don’t end up here.