Instagram Threads is the latest social media platform on the market. In the beginning of July, users began seeing Instagram Threads in news headlines around the world. Quickly, the app with a revolutionized “@” as their logo was downloaded by over 100 million users. What will Instagram Threads become? A new Twitter? A place for businesses to market their products? The next hottest social media platform? Find out everything there is to now about Instagram Threads in the guide below.



What is Instagram Threads? Threads

Instagram Threads is an app built under the Meta umbrella where people can share updates and join public conversations. The feed is made up of mostly text-based posts. In a way, it’s the text-version of Instagram, or some may say the new version of Twitter. Posts to threads can be up to 500 characters and you have the capability to include links, photos, and videos.



How Do You Use the App?

Good news, you don’t need to create a whole new account to use Threads. Simply download the Threads app and use your Instagram account to login. Everything from your Instagram account will carry over to your Threads account, with the option to customize your Threads profile.

You can choose to follow the same accounts that you do on Instagram and search for additional accounts to follow as well. Your Threads feed will be filled with people you follow and recommended content from users you may be interested in. On each post, you have the option to like, comment, and share the post to your Instagram story or feed. You can also repost (or re-thread) another’s post so that it appears on your profile’s feed and is shown to your followers.

As of right now, Instagram Threads does not have much to it. It has basic features at this time, very similar to Twitter, that are quite simple to navigate. However, knowing Meta, there will most likely be much more complex features to come in the future as the app takes off.



Are Businesses Using Instagram Threads?

It’s too soon to tell if Instagram Threads will become another platform that a business can promote their products, grow their presence, and run ads. We have seen some of the big brands, such as Netflix, Covergirl, McDonalds, and more jump onto the platform as soon as they could. Already known brands such as these will do well on any social media platform, regardless of how new it is. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Grimace on their Threads feed?

There is no capability to run ads on the new platform, but it is likely to come in the future. At the moment, it does not seem that businesses, especially smaller ones, are using Threads to promote or sell products. The big brands have been using the app to simply build their presence and build a loyal following just in case the platform completely skyrockets in popularity.



What About Twitter?

Instagram Threads

With the launch of Threads, there may be some Twitter users who abandon Twitter, but from what we’ve seen previously, most will return to the platform.  Twitter still has a place for many brands, especially those that value search.  Right now, Threads is all the craze and we may see a dip in Twitter activity while users check out this exciting new platform. However, brands that have built a presence on Twitter shouldn’t turn their back on the platform as Twitter undoubtedly goes through additional changes in the future.