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Twitter is a very effective tool for brands looking to reach a greater number of people. The key to the effectiveness of Twitter is all in the tweet. Many people get discouraged by the limit of 140 characters, I say, use it to your advantage!

Use Twitter to help structure your brand’s key marketing messages into easy to understand and easy to digest messages for your audience. The best way to do that? Perfect your tweets!

Get to the point

If you remember ONE thing from the article, it’s this one. When you are crafting a tweet, get to the heart of what you wish to communicate. Offer the “Reader’s Digest” version of your message; your goal is to write a headline of sorts that gets your reader’s attention and engagement. This does not happen with generic or rambling tweets.

Have a call to action

Most often your tweets will strive to get your audience to take some kind of action. When this is the case, ensure that you state what that action is! It can be registering for a webinar, responding to your question, retweeting your tweet, or simply clicking a link.

Don’t neglect proper grammar 

Please always follow proper grammar etiquette. The reputation of your brand is under the microscope on Twitter, so this means that anything you say or do should be to the same standards as your other marketing materials. Yes, 140 characters is tricky, but if you need to shorten words into numbers, for example, perhaps you need to take another look at your tweet to see if you are ‘getting to the point’ early on.

Allow extra characters for retweets 

Try your best to leave a couple characters at the end of all your tweets. This is because when someone wishes to retweet you, they have room to add their own comments without your strategically crafted message getting cut off.

Use images

I personally love seeing images in my Twitter feed. In fact, you may have noticed that there is an image search option within Twitter! Images are not just for Facebook, so start actively incorporating them into your tweets. Infographics work very well in these situations.

Remember, the key to crafting a perfect tweet is to understand the medium you are working with. 140 characters can be a significant advantage in the way you craft your message and reach your targeted audience. Take the time to craft these tweets and you will see greater engagement and ROI. Plus practice certainly makes perfect. Learning to tweet is quite similar to learning another language, with practice you will become fluent in no time!