In November 2020, Twitter launched Spaces, their new feature that allows users to join virtual rooms where they can engage in real-time, audio conversations with others. The rollout of this feature has been quite slow and giving random access to more users.

May 3, 2021 Twitter announced they are expanding the ability to host a Space to all accounts to 600 or more followers. Based on what they have gathered so far, those are the accounts that are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations. This is because of their existing audience.

Spaces lets you hear their voices and talk about what’s happening now and what’s most important to you live.

How Spaces works

On Twitter for iOS and Android users, when someone you follow starts or speaks in a Space, it’ll appear at the top of your timeline as a purple bubble.

Photo from Twitter’s Blog.

Users are able to react to what they hear with emojis, see any pinned Tweets, follow along with captions, Tweet or DM the Space, and even request to speak.

When you create a space you are in control of who’s speaking, the topics, and the vibe. You can Tweet or DM’ing users to join in on the space.

Brands can host discussions on trending topics in their industry or create a space and receive feedback from their followers/customers. Spaces also provides an environment in which you can connect in live conversation with their followers. Users in the Space are allowed to invite other participants. Brands can encourage followers to share it with their followers, widening your audience.


  • As a host, you can mute speakers and take away their mic, or remove them from the Space completely.
  • There is an ability for Hosts to mute all speakers at the same time. 
  • New management page for easier hosting.
  • Anyone can report and block others in the Space, or report the Space.
  • People you’ve blocked can’t join a Space you’re hosting.
  • Labels and warnings will appear if someone you’ve blocked is speaking in a Space you join.

What is next for Spaces?

Ticketed Spaces- A way for hosts to be rewarded for the experiences they create by getting monetary support. Hosts will soon be able to sell tickets for their can set ticket prices and how many are available to sell. Hosts will earn the majority of the revenue from ticket sales and Twitter will keep a small amount.

Photo from Twitter’s Blog.

Schedule and Set Reminders- You’ll soon be able to schedule and set reminders for upcoming Spaces. This way you can track what is happening

Host with others- Hosts will be able to have a Co-host to help manage speakers, participants.

Competition with Clubhouse

This sounds a lot like another platform doesn’t it? That’s right, Clubhouse. The only major difference is that it is not invite only. Most of social media users utilize the Twitter platform and not everyone is able to have access to Clubhouse. Will Twitter Spaces turn off users to Clubhouse due to its accessibility? It will be interesting to see the future of both platforms.

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