When Moments was first rolled out to Twitter users last year, many tweeters filed complaints about the design (what was up with that blue dot?) and functionality of the feature. Mashable reports that while moments were originally created for specific accounts to collect tweets about specific happenings, Moments are now available to all Twitter users.

The goal of Moments is to create a more user-friendly space, especially for new users and those who do not have a full timeline, but can be useful for all Twitter users, Mashable reports.

Twitter’s Andrew Fitzgerald told Mashable “We think it’s a really great way for new users to Twitter, users who haven’t built that perfect home timeline yet, for them to be able to understand and appreciate all the incredible things that are happening on Twitter,”.

Moments are only available on Twitter’s website for now, but it is safe to assume that it will be available on our mobile devices before long. To create a moment, users have to simply click on the Moments tab. Happy tweeting!