Earlier this fall, Twitter opened up access to its storytelling feature “Moments” to all Twitter users, allowing anyone to create their own stories using photos and tweets uploaded to the service. The Moments application was only available on the web, but Twitter promised that mobile support would arrive soon and it has. Twitter has announced that the ability to create Moments it now also rolling out to mobile.

Moments was first launched more than a year ago as an effort to give people another reason to use Twitter. It represents Twitter’s own tale on how to do short-form-content, such as Snapchat Stories, to grow its user base. TechCrunch reports that with the added support for Moments creation on mobile, Twitter’s hope is that more people will adopt the feature.

To create Moments via the web, the user pulls in tweets from their favorites, by account, or via a Twitter search or they can add them directly via their link. On the mobile, you’ll be able to choose a tweet you want to add by selecting the “Add to Moment” option from the menu you access by tapping the down arrow at the top-right corner of a tweet. You can search for tweets, as your own or pull in favorites via mobile, too.

Details on how to use the new feature are available- in a new Twitter Moment.