A limited group of Twitter users are currently testing out the app’s latest feature. This new feature will in the future allow all users on the platform to control who can reply to their Tweets. Talks of this new feature have been in the works since early 2020, but now is the first time a select group of users are experiencing this implementation.

Twitter sent out this Tweet announcing the new feature.

Essentially, the new feature will allow users to control exactly who can reply to their Tweets. Before a Tweet is sent out, users will have the options to allow “everyone,” “people you follow,” or “only people you mention” to reply to their Tweet. For example, if you want only certain users to be able to join the conversation, users will have to make sure to mention them in the Tweet, and then select “only people you mention.” This way, you can have a focused conversation between a few users that won’t be cluttered by other replies. Other users will be able to read your conversation, but just will not be able to chime in.

This new feature can come in handy to ward off offensive or irrelevant replies, especially for bigger accounts with larger followings. Before, anyone could give their two cents under any Tweet. Now users will have the option to ward off those types of reply and keep them available to certain accounts

Twitter showed off this new feature in this Tweet. It read below, “A conversation between @Twitter and people they mentioned in this Tweet.” In this instance, Twitter did not mention anyone else so no one was able to reply.

Are you a part of the small percentage of Twitter users that have access to this new feature? Let us know!